European guidelines for validating non formal Sex roulette matures australia

13-Jul-2017 00:08

These arrangements will enable individuals to increase the visibility and value of their knowledge, skills and competences acquired outside formal education and training: at work, at home or in voluntary activities.This second edition of the European guidelines is the result of a two-year process involving a wide range of stakeholders active in validation at European, national and/or sectoral levels.The importance of validating non-formal and informal learning 16 ; 1.5.

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The European inventory is a ongoing project in EU created in 2001 coordinated by European Commision in cooperation with Cedefop.

The learning experienced through OERs needs to be described through learning outcomes.

The status of standards and testing arrangements, if these exist, need to be clear and available to aid validation.

Given the inevitable variation in quality of OERs, along with the varying success of learners to adapt to online learning, attention has to be given – at national, European and international level – to documenting, assessing and certifying the outcomes OERs.

For them to be considered in validation, transparency is crucial.(3) Finally, few initiatives aim to ensure that immigrants’ skills and competences are not devalued in their host country, and those initiatives which are in place benefit particularly those defined as “highly skilled” individuals, on the basis of their productive potential.